Public School Vs Private School-What’s the Difference

Public School Vs Private School

Can this issue be debated without bias? As any scholar of higher learning will argue that Private schooling is a better bet for both the advanced learning for children or adults. But to be perfectly honest- the concept debate between Public Schools Vs Private Schools has been rolling around for longer than most people care to think. Lets take a closer look into this mystery to see some impressive facts that potentially put to rest the wild rumors that sill exist.

Public schools are not all the same

A Public School is the North American version of what is commonly known as a State School. These schools are often funded by the government and are free to attend. Students can choose which school they want to learn from, if there is more than one public school in the same district. Often a school outside their district will require an inter-district agreement in order for a student to attend that school. Many public schools will supplement their government funding through community funded programs which raise money for sports programs, dance events, and seasonal productions. Some school communities rally together with a strong sense that holds strong family values and much effort is given to provide better course books for the students. Suffice to say that all public schools are independently operated and differ from each other.

Private schools don’t always measure up

All Private Schools are typically privately funded and concentrate on a higher learning approach for their students. The disadvantage is usually found in the philosophy and viewpoints that are also taught in that school. This can mean that a student is taught to live within moral code or social attitude. In the UK, this was also termed as class’ and is a superior form of prejudice against others. While this might be fine for those families who can afford a tuition fee that is charged (often by the semester) but the exclusive nature of these schools often has limited room for new attendees. Since each private school will focus on selected education, not every private school is the same, whereas a public school sets a level to maintain a state rank. Many private schools are religion oriented and will put much of that into the student learning.

The Public School Vs Private School stalemate

Each school cannot be compared to each other since they are far too broad to be given a fair debate. How they compare with each other depends on similarities that are shared. For example: One public school may be similar to a neighboring school -as a private school may share similarities with rival private schools. Public schools often work together and have a certain amount of pride that is taught to the student, usually rivalries only appear in sports events such as football and basketball games and still this is often a friendly rivalry meant to boost team support. Private schools aim to teach a deeper meaning of pride (often at the fault of prejudice) and leaves the student with a school motto buried in their head as a result.

And still the debate has merit as to whether public or private is better? It seems that the advantage of a private school can offer a student finer levels of learning but will ultimately lack the experience of public school exposure. Separation from the very nature of society can also lead to the lack of essential communication skills that much of the world relies upon to speak to each other. It would seem that private schools will give priority to creating an order of class as a ranks that defines society and dictates a type of dystopia that all private student eventually feel in life.

Public school students may have a more general education but that is not always the case. Selective public schools often reward students who learn quickly and provide more opportunities to those who have shown a hunger for higher learning. Some schools even offer help for those who show potentials for University level scholarships. Sporting programs have already shown how effective football and basketball stars can be to their campus and typically offer a full scholarship. Thankfully, even without the private funding aside the public school appears to have an upper hand over the private school as a whole.

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