10 Tips for Choosing the Best School for Your Child

The moment of enrollment of students in a school usually generates a series of doubts, uncertainties, and questions, caused by the natural eagerness to opt for the best. This is also a period of anguish as the parent tries to find what criteria should be considered in this choice? After all, this decision can have a major impact on the life of the child. To help you make informed choices, we give you 10 tips for choosing the best school for your child.

1. Facilities and infrastructure of the school

When choosing a school, make sure you choose the school that has the best facilities for students. Make sure the school building is good, the roof does not leak, and the school area is clean and neat. This will make your child comfortable with the state of learning at the school. Apart from that, complete facilities such as playgrounds, buildings, good seats, and laboratories also need to be taken.

2. The atmosphere of the school

The first impression is the one that stays. It is essential to pay a visit to the institution and observe how you will be received. Try to feel how the relationship between people transpires. Education already begins at the gateway. Everyone from employees, such as receptionists, inspectors, or janitors, has an educating role. Good schools build welcoming environments in which people respect each other, are kind to each other, and resolve their conflicts solely through dialogue.

3. The professionalism of the teachers

The training of professionals is something that really cannot and should not be neglected by those responsible. Evaluate what the team selection policy is, what are the requirements for hiring professionals and the staff turnover. Also, find out, whether there is an investment in continuing studies to keep the teachers up to date.

4. The curriculum of the school

Know the learning of the child at the beginning of entering school. Find out if learning materials provided according to the age of your child. Pay close attention to everything related to the learning process of children in school and make sure the children are happy in their studies. A good school is a school that is responsible for its students, and a good father is the one who ensures that the child gets a good education too.

5. Students’ performance

This may be one of the most important criteria in this choice. It is a sign of the seriousness of the school and its ability to reconcile its project with the reality of society. Several factors are related to the students’ good performance. Examples of such factors range from the teaching projects to the emotional support to the students. A good school is one that provides self-knowledge that allows students to identify their points of improvement in relation to school subjects and to work more assertively.

6. The reputation of the school

What does the educational institution look like outside its walls? What former students have to say about their experience of studying there? Seek outside opinions and references in your relationship and trust environment. You can also talk to some parents and students at check-in or check-out time. It is important to look for outside impressions that confirm your positive opinion of the school and not just student performance.

7. Distance

Long commutes always generate physical and emotional distress. The ideal and most comfortable is to choose a good school with a good location. Nothing but the old principle of bringing together the useful and the pleasant. Getting tired can interfere with a school production.

8. Affordability

In addition to the monthly fee, other expenses such as extra-curricular classes, snacks, uniforms, and a list of materials need to be put to the pencil. This will allow you to arrive at the school’s actual investment and the impact it will have on your budget. Many schools today work with tests for partial scholarships.

9. Your child opinion

Very important. The opinion of your child also becomes indispensable in choosing the educational institution, no matter what age they are. Always keep this in mind, because your child will live in that environment.

10. School communication with the parent

Monitoring school life is critical to ensuring the best performance. It is necessary to check whether, in addition to meetings, the school maintains other forms of communication with parents, such as event invitations, e-mails with information, and be available to assist parents when necessary. Willingness to dialogue is a positive sign and should be permanently considered.


These tips will surely contribute to a good choice. After all, much of your child’s social and personal construction will depend on the school they attend. Remember that a good school has a serious academic commitment, gives individual attention to students, and provides good coexistence and dialogue with their students and their families.

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